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Trend Micro Anti-Virus 2016 1 Year1 Pc CD KEY

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Trend Micro Anti-Virus 2016 1 Year1 Pc - ( )

The President of the Intergalactical Military Commission is no longeru2026 His successor will be chosen from the Micro Commandos* unit that succeeds in defeating the human world. Stuck in a human basement, the Micro Commandos will seek out the ultimate weapon, that will help them to bring the entire planet to its knees. To do so, they will have to explore every corner of the house and look for essential resources (food, energy and furniture). They will also have to develop their own infrastructure and transportation from scratch. WARNING: enemy commandos as well as cats, cockroaches and rats will do their best to spoil their plans.

  • Play 2 distinct races: Lizardians and Roughbacks
  • Fight against 2 adverse races : Masoneries and Mindscreeds.
  • A tutorial with 4 missions
  • One campaign including two chapters u2013 12 missions
  • 3 different jobs : * Collectors: they bring back resources from the world of the big. * Engineers: they build their village from scratch and drive their home made vehicles. * Soldiers: they defend the village and confront enemies.
  • Construct buildings that will help them survive in our world: kitchen, food reserve, dormitory, incubator,u2026 Keep out House Commandos: cats, spiders, rats, mice, etc.
  • 13 different ambiances: Pizzeria, Underground, Museum, Cabaret, School..

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