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Tom Clancy s Ghost Recon Future Soldier (Deluxe Edition) CD KEY
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Tom Clancy s Ghost Recon Future Soldier (Deluxe Edition) - ( PC )

OWN THIS ITEM TODAY. Tom Clancy Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Digital Deluxe Edition includes the following in-game unlockables:- FOUR ULTIMATE WEAPONS: AK-47 Available for Bodark rifleman class. Mk 14 Available for Ghost rifleman class. - M40A5 Sniper Rifle Available for Ghost Scout class. MN 91/30 Sniper Rifle Available for Bodark Scout class. 48- CUSTOM HEADGEAR OPTIONS: You'll get even more options to customize your character and make him look truly unique on the battlefield. - TWO CUSTOM WEAPON SKINS: Tiger Stripe Camo Winter Digital Camo- TWO EXCLUSIVE MAPS: Drilling Ship: An exclusive co-op map where you play in harsh arctic conditions on a massive drilling ship! Moscow Suburbs: This exclusive multiplayer map plunges you into the heart of an intense urban firefight.

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