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About Us

Digicodes is a division of Indiweb Holdings Pvt. Ltd based in New Delhi, India.

More and more people are searching for sources of digital codes that they can apply to or online purchases of their favorite softwares and video games etc. A digital download is any software, game or add-on which you can purchase and download without a physical copy. Digital downloads are stored in your account on Digicodes.in.

In the video game and software industry, digital distribution is the process of delivering video game content as digital information, without the exchange or purchase of new physical media. Currently, the process is dominated by online distribution over broadband internet.

Digicodes aims to bring genuine digital codes, licenses and activation keys etc, for popular softwares, video games and other digital products, to consumers, while aiming for the highest standards in customer service.

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couponmint - Save money with the latest discount coupons, offers and deals from 100's of online stores and brands, in India.


redipay - A must have tool for modern business and freelancers alike! Create and send instant payments, using personalized links. Also includes, a Bitcoin QR Code generator for sending and receiving payments.

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