How To Redeem a Minecraft code / Minecraft Java / Mojang?

How To Redeem a Minecraft code / Minecraft Java / Mojang?


In order to redeem your gift code or pre-paid card for Minecraft you first need to register a Mojang account. If you already have one, log in!

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This article only applies to Minecraft: Java Edition prepaid cards and gift codes, not Minecraft for Windows 10 gift codes. For information about how to redeem a Minecraft for Windows 10 gift code, please visit the frequently asked questions page.

There are many ways of getting Mojang's games and services and if you get them in the form of a prepaid card or a gift code, you will need to redeem them through our account site. 

Minecraft prepaid cards can be used on a new or existing Mojang account and will entitle the cardholder to one Minecraft license (a.k.a. one copy of Minecraft). 

If you have purchased a Minecraft prepaid card at a retail store, or have received a Minecraft gift code, you can follow these easy steps to redeem it:

1. Create an account at

2. Check your email for a verification email from Mojang. If you do not receive a verification email, please double check the spelling of your email address and if you have spelled your email address correctly, please contact Mojang Support and describe your issue.

3. After you have registered a Mojang account, you can redeem your prepaid card or gift code at If you have a card, scratch off the silver area and enter the ten digit PIN in the "Code" field. If you run into any problems, please visit our help article on prepaid card errors.

If you have a gift code, enter your 12-character/25-character code in the "Code" field.

4. Choose your Minecraft username. If the username is available, click "Redeem".

5. To download the game, click the Windows, Mac or Linux icon on your account page at On a Windows PC, download the launcher, place it anywhere you'd like, then run the program. On a Mac, download the file, unpack it, then place Minecraft in your /Applications folder. You can download the game on as many computers as you'd like, as many times as you'd like.

6. Run Minecraft: Java Edition, then log into the game with your registered email address and Mojang account password. If you need technical help (English only), visit

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