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How to Activate Windows 7

In order to install the software, please follow the instructions below:

Download the Windows 7 package here - website

Create an image for your new installation. Please follow the instructions here

Install the new OS

If needed, download the language pack here and install the same


In case of a problem with activating your product activation key, you are requested to use one of the methods below -

Method 1:

1. Click on the 'Start' icon, right-click on ”Computer”' and select '”Properties”

2. At the bottom of this window, click on “Activate Windows now"

3. Choose “Use the automated phone system to activate

4. Click on the menu, select your country, and click on ”Next”  

5. Call the Toll free number and follow instructions to generate your confirmation ID to activate your OS


Method 2:

1. Press and hold "Windows" button and press "R" on your key board then,
2. Type SLUI 04 in the pop up and press the enter key
3. Click the menu, and select your country and then click on the Next button then,
4. Call the Toll free & follow the instructions to generate a confirmation ID to activate your Windows software
Info on phone activation can be found at this link - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/950929

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